About Us

Conbrako Trading Pty Ltd is a newly-registered 100% Black, Women-owned, Level 1 BBBEE company. The directors are Keabetswe Makole and Masindi Rudzani. Conbrako Trading manufactures polymer concrete products (like door and window frames, kitchen and bathroom accessories), aluminium and plastic windows, etc. in a 3200 sq m factory alongside Conbrako (Pty) Ltd.

Conbrako Trading is mindful of the terrific need in rural and under-resourced communities for women upliftedment and early childhood development. The recent disastrous results in literacy assessments indicate that almost four out of five Grade 4 pupils fall below the lowest internationally recognised level of reading literacy. Starting with correct early education is far more effective than spending years trying to catch up. This statement has recently been affirmed by Prof. Elizabeth Walton of the Wits School of Education and by James Heckman, Nobel Laureate in Economics.

Conbrako Trading's 2 Directors, Keabetswe Makole and Masindi Rudzani, are 2 managers at Play-With-A-Purpose Educational Trust (the NGO) trading as Preschools 4 Africa who share the vision to change the future of our children. Conbrako Trading's new Mining and Trading divisions represents a commercially funded opportunity to implement change more effectively.

A portion of Conbrako Trading's profits will fund the work of Play-With-A-Purpose Educational Trust.

The NGO has worked for over 25 years in early childhood development and is excited to be able to meet its objectives empowering mainly women and children through early childhood mentorship. Keabetswe Makole and Masindi Rudzani are involved in the implementation, quality control and assessment of the Play-With-A-Purpose early childhood curriculum. The programme is stringently researched, and it's effectiveness published internationally.

This venture will help the Trust have greater impact in changing our country through changing communities one school, one community at a time. Our 2 Directors will be accompanying our technical staff to the communities surrounding our mining clients as part of the required Mining Charter community upliftment programmes and will implement the NGO's proven interventions.

Meet Our Team

Facilities at Conbrako Trading

Our facilities are a 1400 meter squared factory - some under 20 ton cranage

  • Tuning Shop

    -18 CNC lathes up to 650mm swing, 4 with live tooling
    -Capable of machining from small intricate parts to large 650mm locomotive wheels

  • Milling Shop

    -13 Vertical CNC machining centres up to 2400mm bed length, 9 with fully intergrated 4th axis head
    -1 Horizontal CNC machining centres with a working envelope of 508 X 508 X 508mm

  • Welding

    -4 welding shops
    -2 Autimatic submerged arc welders capable of welding cylinders of up to 2m in length. Welding process is qualified by ASME IX to weld CS + SS plates from 1.5 to 60mm
    -4 Automation submerged arc welders capable of welding plates up to 6m in length
    -7 welders certified to ASME IX
    -5 Fanuc to 6 degrees-of-freedom robot welders. 2 robot welders are coupled with 2 axis manipulators and 400A power packs
    -23 Semi-automatic Panasonic MIG/CO2 welding machines
    -Lincoln Powerwave 5350 with STT module

  • Material Preparation

    -New 12 X 3.5m by 80mm thick definition plasma cutting machine
    -2 Giullotines capable of cutting 10mm mild steel
    -4 Automation saws
    -2 Bending brakes
    -14 Eccentric presses
    -5 Hydraulic presses of which 2 are 500 ton presses
    -A 4-roll CNC rolling machine capable of rolling 10mm thick by 2m wide plate; a 3-roll manual rolling machine capable of rolling 16mm thick X 3m wide plate

  • 500 ton Compression/Tension test rig

    -Full instrumented and calibrated test rig
    - Test rig was designed so that detructive / non distractive tension and compression testing can be carried out on the premises
    -1 X 4m bed size

  • Sheet material facilities, Spray painting facilities, new 2200m2 heavy fabrication facility under two 20 ton cranes and lastly 650KVA diesel generator allows Conbrako to run at full capacity if there is no municipal power.