About Us

Conbrako Trading Pty Ltd is a newly-registered 100% Black, Women-owned, Level 1 BBBEE company. The directors are Keabetswe Makole and Masindi Rudzani. Conbrako Trading (Pty) Ltd is an emergent manufacturing company of high quality top hammer and down the hole drill bits. With the use of modern engineering processes and state of the art equipment Conbrako is able to continually improve the design of their drill bits.

Conbrako Trading is mindful of the terrific need in rural and under-resourced communities for women upliftedment and early childhood development. The recent disastrous results in literacy assessments indicate that almost four out of five Grade 4 pupils fall below the lowest internationally recognised level of reading literacy. Starting with correct early education is far more effective than spending years trying to catch up. This statement has recently been affirmed by Prof. Elizabeth Walton of the Wits School of Education and by James Heckman, Nobel Laureate in Economics.

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    Mining drilling consumables

  • Drill Bits

    -Taper for knock-off
    -Threaded for mechanized drilling
    -Retract for drop raised drilling
    -Reaming bits
    -DTH and other special bits

  • Couplings and Shanks

    -Couplings and Adapters
    -Drilling Accessories

    Railway braking and chassis equipment

  • Airbrakes

    -Equipment, Brake Cylinders, Dirt Collectors
    -End Locks
    -Pressure Vessels
    -Empty load valves

  • Handbrakes


  • Drawgears and Couplers

    -Rubble drawgears
    -East African couplers
    -Willison couplers

  • Snubbers

    -Handbrake friction types
    -Other friction types